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    Access to the labour market in Bulgaria for citizens of Ukraine

    Summary: Ukrainians and their family members who have received temporary protection, asylum or international protection in Bulgaria have the right to work in the country without a permit. Persons with refugee or humanitarian status can register as jobseekers with the Labor Office at their permanent or current address.

    The hotline of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy at 0800 88 001 provides free consultations in Bulgarian, Russian and English to Ukrainian citizens on access to the labor market in Bulgaria and opportunities for social support for children and families.

    Ukrainian citizens under temporary protection have the right:

    1. to remain on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria

    2. to work in Bulgaria without a permit for access to the labor market, as well as to take language training courses

    3. of appropriate accommodation or of means of accommodation if necessary

    4. of social assistance

    5. of medical aid in case of emergency

    6. to return freely to their country of origin.

    Access to the labor market

    The Asylum and Refugees Act introduces the requirement of Art. 12 of Council Directive 2001/55 / EC of 20 July 2001 on minimum standards for the granting of temporary protection that aliens enjoying temporary protection have the right to work and vocational training. It follows that Ukrainian citizens enjoying temporary protection could work in Bulgaria without a work permit, register as jobseekers at an employment office at their permanent or current address and benefit from employment services. and vocational training.

    Citizens of Ukraine can gain access to the Bulgarian labor market in order to work under the following simplified procedures:

    • Ukrainian citizens who have the necessary documents proving Bulgarian origin can start working immediately (even before they have received a residence permit) only by registering with the Employment Agency. For this purpose, they must have an employment contract with a local employer for a period of at least 6 months. Additional information about the procedure can be found here: https://www.az.government.bg/pages/zaetost-na-lica-ot-bulgarski-proizhod/.
    • Ukrainian citizens have the right to seasonal work of up to 90 days in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, hotels and restaurants in Bulgaria without interruption for 12 months. For this purpose, registration with the Employment Agency is required on the basis of a declaration submitted by the employer. Additional information about the procedure can be found here: https://www.az.government.bg/pages/sezonna-zaetost-do-90-dni/.
    • Ukrainian citizens who have applied for international protection and the proceedings have not been completed within three months of submitting the application for reasons beyond their control have the right to work in Bulgaria without a work permit until the procedure is completed. Declaring the employment of Ukrainians in these cases is done by the local employer, who hired them under an employment contract. Additional information can be found here: https://www.az.government.bg/pages/4ujdenci-po-chl29-bejanci/.
    • Ukrainians and members of their families granted asylum or international protection in Bulgaria have the right to work in Bulgaria without a permit to access the labor market. People who have refugee or humanitarian status can register as jobseekers with the Labor Office at their permanent or current address.

    Labor rights in Bulgaria

    The control bodies of the General Labor Inspectorate are ready to advise Ukrainian citizens on their labor rights. For this purpose, an email has been created where they can ask their questions related to the Bulgarian labor legislation, as well as submit signals if they are already employed and believe that their rights have been violated.

    The e-mail is BGhelp.Ukrainians@gli.government.bg and is published on the website of the Labor Inspectorate, in the section contacts, as well as in the section “For employers and workers”, section “Work of foreigners on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria”. The experts of the General Labor Inspectorate will answer the questions in a timely manner on the mentioned e-mail, and for this purpose feedback contacts should be provided.

    Bulgarian employers who want to hire citizens of Ukraine should provide them with equal working conditions with their colleagues from Bulgaria, and they can not be less favorable than the minimum set in labor legislation.

    Information for employers 

    How to hire a person from Ukraine with “temporary protection”? 

    People from Ukraine who have acquired “temporary protection” / with ID / can be employed on fixed-term and permanent employment contracts. There is no legal obstacle to concluding with them, etc. civil contract.

    Necessary documents :
    1. Identity document / temporary protection card and your personal document from country of origin /
    An identity document is mandatory at the beginning of each job, and after checking the identity data, the document must be returned.
    2. Medical examination document
    / issued by a doctor, payment might be required/
    If the person has the opportunity to present and the employer requires:
    3. Occupational license
    If this is the first job, the employment record is provided by the employer, at his expense, within 5 days after the declaration submitted by the person. If the person has an employment record book and it has been translated, the proven length of service for the position brings additional payment.
    4. Document of completed education
    Higher education diploma, qualification document, legal capacity or other certificate, if they are a condition for holding the position. Some documents should be recognized by Bulgarian institutions / etc. Protected professions. Information can be found on the page http://professio.nacid.bg/.
    5. Criminal record certificate
    If required by law for the position held. An application for a document replacing the criminal record certificate shall be submitted to the State Agency for Refugees.

    The employer is obliged to notify the General Labor Inspectorate within 7 days of starting work through a form that can be found on the General Labor Inspectorate website in Bulgarian and English at the following e-mail address: https://www.gli.government.bg/bg/node/6349 , Notification under Art. 10, para. 1 of the Law on Labor Migration and Labor Mobility.

    Information on jobs can be found on the website of the Employment Agency https://www.az.government.bg/bg/ejobs/view_prl , as well as in the territorial divisions – directorates of labor offices – https://www.az.government.bg/contacts/offices/

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