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    Labor exchanges in May

    Schedule of the Employment Agency for labor exchanges in May 2022. 10.05.2022 📍Dolni Chiflik city Location: National Chitalishte “IZGREV-1919”Specialized labor exchange in the field of tourism, …

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    Nearly 1,000 Ukrainians started working in Bulgaria between February 24 and April 7

    953 Ukrainian citizens have started working under an employment contract in Bulgaria from February 24 to April 7, according to the National Revenue Agency. During …

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    66% of Ukrainians in our country are university graduates and ready to work immediately

    Nearly 70% of Ukrainian citizens who came to Bulgaria because of the war are ready to start work immediately, according to data from the Employment …

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    Ukrainian doctors and nurses can work in our country after exams

    In order to acquire the right to practice their profession in Bulgaria, citizens of Ukraine who have acquired the professional qualification “doctor” or “nurse” in …

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