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    200% growth of Ukrainian citizens entering through the Durankulak border checkpoint

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on April 15, 2022

    200% growth of Ukrainian citizens arriving at the Durankulak border checkpoint has been noted in recent days. The situation has changed dramatically due to the increased flow of people who, after the strike against the railway station in Krematorsk, prefer to leave Ukraine by bus rather than by train.

    Additional staff from the Bulgarian Red Cross, volunteers and the Ministry of Interior have already been assigned to the Durankulak border checkpoint, registering the people coming.

    The gathering of people is mainly due to the activation of tour operators operating in Ukraine, which deceive people there and promise them that they will be accommodated in Bulgarian hotels.

    There are data for hotels in our territory, which are included in the scheme. People who arrive in this way pay in euros to tour operators and actually end up in Bulgaria without accommodation.

    The authorities also ask anyone who has information about irregularities in the transportation and accommodation of Ukrainian citizens to send a signal to the Crisis Staff at the Council of Ministers or on the national 24-hour telephone line 02 9055555.

    Bulgaria ranks second in Europe in the percentage of people registered for temporary protection fleeing the war in Ukraine, based on the total number of people staying in the country. In recent days there has been a significant increase in the number of people who have decided to stay in Bulgaria.

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