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    How can we make a donation to Ukraine?

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on February 28, 2022

    Donate to Ukraine

    Want to help, but not sure how?

    Below you will find a list of non-profit organizations and charitable foundations with history and transparent reporting.

    Medical help

    RAZOM: Emergency Response – for tactical medical training. Help qualified military medics train first aid civilians and provide them with medical supplies.

    United Help Ukraine – to provide life-saving individual first aid kits (Tactical Ambulance Backpack – IFAKs containing blood-stopping bandages and turnstiles), as well as other emergency medical supplies at the front.

    Sunflower of Peace – for medical care and basic necessities. Each IFAK Tactical Ambulance Backpack can save up to 10 lives.

    Lifeline Ukraine  – for psychosocial support. Ukraine’s first suicide prevention hotline has been mobilized in response to alarming levels of suicide by veterans.

    Veterans and internally displaced people

    People in need: SOS Ukraine – to provide food and sanitation packages, emergency shelter, psychosocial support both in the territory under the control of the Ukrainian government and in the territory that is currently not under the control of the government.

    UN Crisis Relief: Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund  – contributions are collected in a single fund and managed locally under the auspices of the United Nations. As the crisis unfolds, funds are made available directly and immediately to a wide range of partner organizations at the forefront. In this way, funding reaches the most needy people who need it.

    Revived Soldiers Ukraine – to provide medical care and appropriate living conditions to wounded soldiers and members of their families.

    Ukrainian People with disabilities in crisis – helps Ukrainians with disabilities – especially those who want to but cannot evacuate or protect themselves in an emergency.

    Caritas Ukraine – providing humanitarian assistance to various social groups affected by the conflict.

    Ukrainian LGBT Military for Equal Rights Association – to support the LGBT military in their struggle on the front lines and to equalize all citizens at home.

    Crimea SOS – assistance for internally displaced persons from Crimea and eastern Ukraine. With the support and partnership of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

    British-Ukraine Aid – assistance for vulnerable people who have been disadvantaged physically, mentally or socially, including the wounded, orphans, the elderly, internally displaced persons and families who have lost their basic income. More info here.

    Reflecting the conflict on the ground

    Kyiv Independent – subscription and one-time donation here.

    Кризисен медиен център в Украйна – international strategic communication center with active coverage both in Ukraine and abroad.

    New voice of Ukraine


    Voices of children – Voices of children – psychological / psychosocial support for children.

    Save the Children Ukraine humanitarian aid for children and their families; delivery of winter and hygiene kits; providing cash subsidies to families for food and medicine.

    Saint Javelin – all proceeds from the sale of shirts and stickers go to the Fund for the Children of Killed and Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers.

    Toy Drive for the Children of Fallen Heroes – provides assistance to displaced people, orphans and families of the Ukrainian military, killed or wounded.


    Veteranius –supports the training and recruitment of veterans, volunteers and IDPs in the ICT sector and includes them in socially significant projects.

    Ukrainian Catholic University Foundation  – supports the lives of young and talented future leaders of Ukraine and the diaspora.

    Стипендия на Богдан Радченко за ветерани – educational program for a master’s degree at the Kiev-Mohyla Academy (KMA), Kiev School of Economics (KSE), Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU).

    Ukrainian Leadership Academy – educational program aimed at supporting the development of a generation of young leaders of Ukraine.

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