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    Sofia Region

    Sofia Region

    “Land at the Crossroads” – so called Sofia region, because of its geographical location on the road from Europe to Asia.

    Sofia district is the largest district in Bulgaria with its 22 municipalities.The population in Sofia district is over 230 thousand people. To the west, the district borders Serbia. The administrative center is the capital Sofia, which is not part of the district. It includes the municipalities of Anton, Bozhurishte, Botevgrad, Godech, Gorna Malina, Dolna Banya, Dragoman, Elin Pelin, Etropole, Zlatitsa, Ihtiman, Koprivshtitsa, Kostinbrod, Kostenets, Mirkovo, Pirdop, Pravets, Samokov, Svoge, Slivnitsa Chelopech.

    The territory of Sofia district covers 3 396 ha of the Central Balkan National Park, located in the municipalities of Anton and Pirdop. Vitosha Nature Park covers a small part of the territory of Samokov municipality. Part of the Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park falls within the territory of Svoge Municipality.


    Education & Child Care

    There are 172 educational institutions on the territory of Sofia district. Children in the region attend 6 primary, 4 united, 49 primary, 16 secondary schools, 16 vocational high schools (1 of them of national importance – NPGKTS, Pravets), 4 are specialized high schools in Sofia region – PPMG “Acad. Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov ”- Botevgrad; PGPCHE “Aleko Konstantinov” – the town of Pravets; PG “Konstantin Fotinov” – Samokov; Chelopech Primary School – Chelopech and 1 sports school in the town of Samokov.

    31 of the schools in the district have the status of a central school, 11 are protected schools and 21 are innovative schools.

    The network of educational institutions in the Sofia region also includes 73 kindergartens.
    1 university hospital, 8 multidisciplinary and 2 specialized hospitals for active treatment form the structure of the health institutions in the district.


    1 university hospital, 8 multidisciplinary and 2 specialized hospitals for active treatment form the structure of the health institutions in the district.


    Sofia district is one of the most strategic regions for the economic development of Bulgaria due to the favorable geographical location and natural resources, economic and infrastructural potential, good professional and educational level of the population of the 22 municipalities in the district.

    In the Sofia region is located one of the most important lignite basins in Bulgaria, with deposits in Aldomirovtsi, Katina, Stanyantsi, Hrabarsko and mine “Chukurovo”, Gabra village. The district is also the only deposit of anthracite coal in Bulgaria near the town of Svoge. On the territory of Sofia district is one of the largest and most significant deposits of copper ore in Bulgaria – mine “Ellatsite”, Etropole municipality. The largest gold deposit in Bulgaria has been discovered in the municipality of Chelopech, with deposits estimated at 125 tons.

    Industry & Jobs

    The economic profile of the Sofia region is highly diversified. The development of a number of sectors of the processing industry prevails in the district. The following sectors have long traditions in the municipalities located in the immediate vicinity of the capital: 

    • production of food and beverages; manufacture of textiles, textile and clothing products;
    • leather processing and production of leather goods;
    • production of paper, cardboard and articles thereof;
    • printing activity;
    • production of chemical products and plastic products;
    • manufacture of basic metals, computer and communication equipment and electronic products;
    • manufacture of electrical equipment.

    Babysitters, salesmen, hygienists, security guards wishing to work from home – these are the leading positions in job advertisements in the field.


    Structural for the economy of Sofia region is tourism. It is a leading sector for the municipality of Samokov, where is the oldest and most famous mountain resort in Bulgaria – “Borovets”. Koprivshtitsa is an architectural and ethnographic and museum reserve, and the municipalities of Kostenets and Dolna Banya are popular for their healing mineral springs, located in resorts such as “Villas Kostenets”, health complex “Pchelinski Mineralni Bani”, resort “Momin Prohod”, established as significant medical and rehabilitation center in the country and spa resort “Dolna Banya”. The municipality of Gorna Malina is gaining more and more popularity with the recently built Hydropark “Windmills”, which attracts thousands of tourists during the summer season.

    In recent years there has been increased tourist interest in Bulgarian monasteries, which are closely linked to the historical destiny of the country and the Bulgarian people. Dozens of valuable churches, monasteries and architectural monuments have been preserved in the district from the periods of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom of Tsars Assen and Peter (XII-XIII c) and the Renaissance, part of the grandiose monastery complex Mala or Sofia Holy Mountain, which connects 14 the monastery along Vitosha and its neighboring mountains. On the territory of the municipality of Godech, high in the rocks towering over the valley of the river Nishava is landed one of the two rock monasteries in Bulgaria – Razboishki Monastery “Introduction to the Virgin”. On the territory of the municipality of Svoge is the famous throughout Bulgaria monastery “St. Bogoroditsa ”(The Seven Thrones) near the village of Osenovlak, and in the municipality of Botevgrad – the Vrachesh Maiden Monastery“ St. Forty martyrs. Other famous monasteries on the territory of the district are: the Chekotin Monastery “St. Archangel Michael” in the municipality of Pravets, the monasteries “Holy Spirit”, “St. Nikolai Letni ”and the Bukorov Monastery“ St. Georgi Pobedonosets ”in the municipality of Godech, Etropole Monastery“ Holy Trinity ”near the village of Ribaritsa, Botevgrad monasteries“ Nativity of the Mother of God ”in the village of Zelin, St. Nicholas Monastery and Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Cheperlyanski Monastery in Dragoman Municipality.


    Between BGN 400 and BGN 600 per month can be rented in the district.

    Important Contacts

    Employment Agency: 02 988 1152

    Regional education management here

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