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    Java Developer

    Full Time
    Contract Type - Temporary Labor Contract
    Working Hours - 8 hours

    Website Mozaika

    The Humanizing Technologies Lab

    Develops software systems or parts of them in a team or individually, such as creating software code
    • Document software systems or parts thereof in a team or individually and keep this documentation up to date
    • Verifies compatibility with other products according to the requirements of the assignment
    • Participates in the creation of the structure of the software product
    • Participates in the creation of specifications for software requirements according to the standards and requirements of the client
    • Participates in the analysis of requirements and specification of software systems
    Participates in the design of elements of software systems
    • Makes adjustments to the program in case of deviation from the set requirements
    • Participates in identifying problem areas and possible constraints in project implementation and offers alternative solutions
    • Participates and communicates in connection with the systems developed by him, both with team members and with clients and partners of the company, when necessary
    • Tests program code, eliminates software errors and makes corrections to the program in case of deviation from the set requirements

    • Participates in defining the testing environment and test procedures
    • Performs testing by modules and functions; performs integrated testing; provides debugging
    • Creates an installation procedure
    • Performs installation, uninstallation and configuration of software products created by him
    • Controls the process of implementing software products or participates directly in it
    • Prepares an installation package and documentation of the software products he has developed
    • Updates software systems developed by him or which are part of the company’s products in case of changes in assignments or regulations
    • Administers and maintains software products created by him
    • Periodically monitors the status of software products and the correctness of databases that he has developed and put into operation

    To apply for this job email your details to contact@mozajka.co

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