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    Romania allows Ukrainian citizens returning home, without pass and transit

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on April 28, 2022

    All Ukrainian citizens who left Ukraine after February 24, 2022 and now wish to return can do so across the Romanian border, even if they do not have a valid international passport and visa. This became clear from a publication of the Embassy of Ukraine in Bulgaria.

    In order to cross the Romanian border in transit, it is sufficient for the citizens of Ukraine to present one of the following documents:

    • domestic passport for a citizen of Ukraine
    • international biometric passport
    • international passport without biometric data (including document for extension of the validity period)
    • birth certificate
    • for children – it is enough that their data are entered in the passport of one of the parents

    Ukrainian citizens who do not have any of these documents can enter transit through Romania and from there to Ukraine (directly or via Moldova) with a travel document for their child / children or a return certificate (special temporary document for travel entitling the citizen to return to the place where he or she resides), without a visa or other type of verification.

    Citizens of Ukraine who have been granted temporary protection status in one of the EU Member States may move to another Member State, specifically for transit purposes, and stay in its territory for up to 90 days. This can happen within a total of 180 days.

    During the period of temporary protection, the free return to Ukraine of all Ukrainian citizens with such status is also allowed.

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