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    Information for accepted applications and granted one-time grants to people displaced from Ukraine with temporary protection for the period from 24.02.2022 to 20.04.2022

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on April 20, 2022

    People with temporary protection may be granted one-time assistance under Art. 16 of the Regulations for the implementation of the law on social assistance up to five times the amount of the guaranteed minimum income, ie up to BGN 375.

    The aid is granted on the basis of an application-declaration submitted in a form in the Social Assistance Directorate at the address of their place of residence with attached for reference:

    • “Registration card of a foreigner who has been granted temporary protection”;
    • the identity document from Ukraine;
    • “Address card of a foreigner” issued by the Migration Directorate at the Regional Office of the Ministry of Interior or the hotel where the person is staying.

    When assessing the right to granting social benefits, a social survey is conducted, in which all circumstances of social, family, household and health nature, property status and others are ascertained. Temporary beneficiaries should provide this information to social workers during the social survey. If they have documents that are relevant to the assessment, they should also submit them for reference without requiring their application.

    The payment of the granted social assistance to the persons granted temporary protection can be made in cash through a licensed postal operator or non-cash, if they have a personal payment account opened in a Bulgarian bank. The desired method of payment of the aid shall be indicated in the application-declaration.

    Until 20.04.2022, including the Social Assistance Directorate on the territory of the whole country, a total of 12,888 have been accepted. applications-declarations for granting one-time assistance under Art. 16 of the Law on Temporary Protection of People Displaced from Ukraine. 8,030 were granted one-off benefits.

    For the period from 24.02.2022 to 20.04.2022:

    • Number accepted applications under Art. 16 of persons with temporary protection – 12 888
    • Number of orders issued for granting assistance to people granted temporary protection – 8 030
    • Number of refusal orders issued to grant assistance to people with temporary protection – 48
    • Number of applications under Art. 16 of persons with temporary protection who are in the process of processing – 4 810

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