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    Authorities are accepting reports of irregularities in hotels accommodating Ukrainians

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on April 8, 2022

    Reports of irregularities in the hotels providing free accommodation for Ukrainian citizens can now be officially submitted to the authorities in our country. By e-mail report@tourism.government.bg everyone can file a complaint about the conditions in the hotel, food, hygiene in the premises and more.

    The e-mail to the Ministry of Tourism must indicate the name of the hotel for which the signal was submitted, the address where it is located, as well as the names and contact details of the person submitting the signal.

    Authorities are calling for complaints about significant irregularities in hotels, which are included in the Humanitarian Aid Program approved by the Council of Ministers for displaced persons from Ukraine.

    It sets requirements for accommodation, such as comfortable for long-term stay in the premises (not lower than 18-21 degrees), clean common areas, hot and cold water in the rooms, conditions for personal hygiene, food three times a day (with products that meet the standards of the legislation in Bulgaria), and sufficient amounts of drinking water.

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