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    Smolyan Region

    Smolyan Region

    According to the legend, right here, near Smolyan, in the Rhodopes, the mythical singer and musician Orpheus drew inspiration. Here is the cave “Devil’s Throat”, through which, according to legend, Orpheus had to pass to bring his beloved Eurydice from the kingdom of Hades.

    Smolyan District is located in southern Bulgaria and is located in the central part of the Rhodopes. To the south, the regional border coincides with the state border with Greece. The altitude of the district is from 450 to 2,191 meters. On the territory of Smolyan region there are 10 municipalities – Banite, Borino, Devin, Dospat, Zlatograd, Madan, Nedelino, Rudozem, Smolyan and Chepelare, with 240 settlements, 8 of which are cities. The united town of Ezerovo, Raykovo and the town of Ustovo was established more than 60 years ago as a united town of Smolyan. The population of the district is over 100 thousand people. The administrative center is the town of Smolyan.

    The area has rich resources, including a mild climate all year round, diverse terrain suitable for holidays and tourism, amazing conditions for skiing in winter, large and richly populated forests with various species of plants and animals, large water areas and spas opportunities. The Rhodopes are extremely rich in water and mineral resources.


    Education & Child Care

    55 are children’s institutions in the district, 70 are registered schools. Here, in Shiroka Laka, is the most famous National School of Folklore, in Smolyan is the Vocational School of Applied Arts.

    A branch of Varna Free University trains students in Smolyan in business administration and management, construction of buildings and facilities, water supply and sewerage, national security protection. Students are also accepted in Smolyan at the Faculty of Physics and Technology, a branch of Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”.


    There are 4 multidisciplinary hospitals in the district, there are 3 specialized hospitals, and there is a Center for emergency medical care.

    Industry & Jobs

    In Smolyan district the gross domestic product (GDP) is growing at a slower pace than the total for the national economy, but incomes remain higher than the national average in 2019. The geographical location of Smolyan district as a border district and the mountainous nature of the territory determine relatively weak infrastructure development. The district lacks railways, highways and first-class roads. Smolyan is the best performing area in the field of law and order. Justice is fast, crime is low and detection rate is high.

    Smolyan district is among the districts with the lowest emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Strengths for the local economy include: favorable geographical location; availability of natural resources – ore, mineral water (Banite, Devin, Zlatograd), forest areas with a rich variety of game and valuable plant species; availability of free terrains for development of investment activity. Tourism is a priority of the industry in the field.

    The labor exchange is looking for general construction workers, people for part-time work and work from home, a cook in a student chair.

    Cultural & Historical Heritage

    Visiting the extremely beautiful Rhodope Mountains is attractive for tourists, the region has a rich history and ethnography, ecologically clean environment, natural and cultural attractions.

    Among them are the Early Byzantine Basilica in the Mogilata area in Smolyan municipality, Fortress in the Kaleto area in Smolyan, Trigrad, Haramiyska Dupka cave in Devin municipality, Dolna Bartina archeological complex in Dospat municipality.


    Between 300 and 600 levs is the monthly rent for a home.

    Important Contacts


    Labour office Smolyan – 

    Regional education management: Regional Department of Education – Smolyan (ruobg.com)

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