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    Pleven Region

    Pleven Region

    Pleven is the city of “Kaylaka” – the unique 10,000 acres park, the art complex “Pleven Epic 1877” and the first Museum of Wine.

    Pleven is twinned with the city of Nikolaev, Ukraine.

    Pleven district is located in the Danube plain. The administrative center is the city of Pleven, the municipalities are Belene, Gulyantsi, Dolna Mitropolia, Dolni Dabnik, Iskar, Kneja, Levski, Nikopol, Pordim and Cherven Bryag. The population is over 260 thousand people. The northern border of the district coincides with the state border between Bulgaria and Romania and runs along the Danube. The main transport arteries connecting the territory of the district with the rest of the country are railways. the line Sofia – Varna, the first class roads from Sofia to Varna and Ruse. The outlet of the Danube River favors the development of the infrastructure. There are four ports on the territory of the district – in Nikopol, Somovit, Zagrazhden and Baikal.

    The earliest evidence of human life and activity on the territory of Pleven district dates back to the end of the Neolithic Age. In the first and second centuries of the new era, the Romans conquered the territory called “Storgozia”. In the IV-VI century this fortress was located on the main road from Ulpia Escus through the Balkans to Philippopolis.


    Education & Child Care

    In the educational system of Pleven region there are 101 kindergartens – kindergartens and nurseries. 122 are educational institutions, including primary and secondary schools, and vocational schools such as the Trade High School in Cherven Bryag, the Sports School in Pleven, the Mathematical High School in Pleven, the Vocational High School of Agriculture in Pordim.

    There are three universities in Pleven. Medical University – Pleven stands out on the map of higher medical education in Bulgaria and Europe with its modern appearance of a leading educational and research center, with priorities in the development of robotic surgery and telemedicine, attracting more and more Bulgarian and foreign students. The Georgi Benkovski Higher Air Force School in Dolna Mitropolia trains highly qualified pilots, aviation engineers and air traffic controllers. Pedagogical College – Pleven is the successor of the Institute for Children and Primary Teachers in the city and continues its traditions in the training of qualified teachers for kindergarten and primary school. The college is the main structural unit in the structure of the University of Veliko Tarnovo.


    The district health system includes 2 university hospitals, 10 multidisciplinary and 2 specialized hospitals, as well as an Emergency Medical Center.

    Industry & Jobs

    Pleven Region is the economic and agricultural center of the Danube region, with built infrastructure and good transport accessibility, with protection of natural and cultural heritage. The agricultural sector is well developed, the main crops grown are cereals – barley, wheat and corn, and oilseeds – sunflower, livestock is oriented towards the production of meat and milk. Leading industries in the industry are the production of food and tobacco products, production of textiles and clothing, mechanical engineering.

    Drivers, welders, turners and agricultural workers are wanted on the job market.

    Cultural & Historical Heritage

    The whole region of Pleven region is rich in historical and cultural monuments. Kaylaka Protected Area covers 10,000 decares in the karst valley of the Tuchenitsa River and there is definitely something to do if you are already there. The natural canyon of the river is home to a rich and diverse flora and fauna, where plants unique to the Balkan Peninsula are found, and many of the representatives of the animal world are included in the Red Book.

    The Thracian silver treasure, better known as the Lukovit treasure, was discovered in the Balana area, east of the town of Lukovit. Prerequisite for the development of ecological and balneological tourism here are the reserves Krushuna and Steneto, which enchant with their pristine nature and natural phenomena – caves, waterfalls and healing mineral springs. The attraction is the Archaeological Reserve near the village of Gigen – “Ulpia Escus”, also “Shishman’s Fortress” near Nikopol. Persina Nature Park – one of the youngest parks in the country. It is located on the territory of three municipalities – Nikopol, Belene and Svishtov. It covers the Svishtov-Belen lowland and islands along the Danube.


    Rents for housing in the region vary between BGN 300 and BGN 500.

    Important Contacts

    Pleven Labor Office – 064 800 615

    Regional education management: Regional Department of Education – Pleven (ruopleven.bg)

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