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    Kyustendil Region

    Kyustendil Region

    They call Kyustendil the “Orchard of Bulgaria” and the “City of Artists”.

    Kyustendil District is located in southwestern Bulgaria and includes 9 municipalities – Bobov Dol, Boboshevo, Dupnitsa, Kocherinovo, Kyustendil, Nevestino, Rila, Sapareva Banya and Treklyano. Kyustendil Municipality is the largest municipality in the district both in terms of territory and population.

    The regional town of Kyustendil is located at the foot of the Osogovo mountain. It is located near / 22 km / to the border with Northern Macedonia and 33 km from the border with the Republic of Serbia. The city is a road junction on the Sofia-Skopje road, through Kyustendil passes the pan-European transport corridor №8 / Vlora, Tirana, Skopje, Sofia, Burgas, Asia /. The city captivates with its rich history, picturesque nature, healing mineral springs, fertile orchards. In it you will find many preserved Roman and Turkish baths, medieval fortresses and towers, Revival buildings, churches and a mosque.


    Education & Child Care

    19 kindergartens, 2 centers for personal development support, 37 schools – primary, secondary, specialized, language, sports – form the educational structure of the district. A private professional college “Business” was opened in Kyustendil.


    There are a total of 10 health facilities – multidisciplinary and specialized, medical and rehabilitation centers.

    Industry & Jobs

    In the Kyustendil region, agriculture has centuries-old traditions. It is represented by plant growing and animal husbandry. The territorial conditions are diverse and due to the climate, the soils, as well as the Mediterranean influence of the Struma River, the conditions for the development of fruit growing are extremely good. Opportunities for seasonal employment in picking fruits and growing vegetables create conditions for a good livelihood for the people of the region.

    Linking the agricultural sector with the processing industry, the use of natural and specific resources, local crafts and human skills, the presence of a scientific institute of agriculture in the municipality of Kyustendil, are prerequisites for modern agricultural development, job creation, production with added value and improve the lives of the population.

    The industrial sector in Kyustendil district is represented mainly by the processing industry. The leading productions are:

    • Production of professional kitchen equipment;
    • Textiles and knitwear;
    • Manufacture of transformers;
    • Sewing industry and toll;
    • Manufacture of footwear;
    • Food industry – meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, fruits – fresh, dried and frozen, bread and bakery products, confectionery, etc .; production of spirits;
    • Construction.

    Leading in the “Services” sector are the industries:

    • Hotels and restaurants;
      Trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles;
    • Transport services for passenger and freight transport.

    On the territory of Dupnitsa municipality is located one of the two plants of the largest employer in the pharmaceutical industry – Teva.

    The development of tourism is a national priority for the socio-economic improvement of the living conditions of the population and an important sector for Kyustendil district. The interest of foreigners in health tourism is great and Kyustendil region takes advantage of this opportunity. Here history, culture and the use of mineral resources go hand in hand with antiquity. Medical, spa and spa tourism are a strong stimulus for the tourism industry. The region has opportunities for family and weekend tourism.

    The development of the labor market in recent years is among the strengths of both the district and the municipalities in it. The most sought after on the labor market are specialists in clothing production: tailors, machine operators for sewing clothes, ironers, distributors of materials and semi-finished products, appraisers of clothes. The search for skilled workers in footwear production continues. Applied specialists in natural and technical sciences also have a high relative share: operators of stationary machines and equipment. The tendency to look for staff employed in the field of personal services continues. Professions “Cook”, “Waiter” and “Bartender” have a high share. We are looking for skilled workers in construction, as well as drivers of motor vehicles and operators of mobile equipment.

    Cultural & Historical Heritage

    Kyustendil is one of the Bulgarian cities with the longest history – over 8,000 years. The city is famous at the time for its names Pautalia, Velbuzhd, Kolasia. Towards the second half of the 4th century a fortress wall was built on the hill Hisarlaka south of the town. Rebuilt by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian! and functioning during the First and Second Bulgarian state is the fortress “Hisarlaka”, an emblem of the city and a favorite place for tourists.

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