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    Gabrovo Region

    Gabrovo Region

    Here is the geographical center of Bulgaria. Gabrovo is known as the “city of jokes and laughter” with its annual festival of humor and satire. This is the longest city in Bulgaria – 25km.

    Gabrovo is twinned with Chernihiv, Ukraine.

    Gabrovo District is located in the north central part of the Balkan Mountains and the country. Gabrovo is one of the most important road connections crossing Bulgaria in the north-south direction, which is part of the Trans-European Corridor №9 (Helsinki-St. Petersburg-Kyiv-Bucharest-Ruse-Veliko Tarnovo-Gabrovo-Stara Zagora-Dimitrovgrad with deviations to Greece and Turkey). It covers 356 settlements, administered in four municipalities – Gabrovo, Dryanovo, Sevlievo and Tryavna. The population is over 120 thousand people.


    Of great importance for the district are the two protected areas – Central Balkan National Park (certified by the European Network of Protected Areas under the trademark PAN Parks) and Bulgarka Nature Park. Central Balkan National Park is located in the central and highest parts of the Balkan Mountains. Here are preserved self-regulating ecosystems, possessing exceptional biodiversity and habitats of rare and endangered species, historical monuments of world importance for science and culture.

    Education & Child Care

    The structure of the educational network in the district includes the regional school network and academic education, presented by the Technical University – Gabrovo.

    A total of 45 primary, primary, secondary schools, vocational high schools and other educational institutions operate on the territory of the district. Kindergartens operating in the district have places and cover all families who wish to take advantage of this service.

    Gabrovo is home to one of the most historically famous educational centers in Bulgaria – Aprilovo High School. It is the first secular Bulgarian school to open in 1835.

    Technical University – Gabrovo is an educational and research center that offers quality training in programs for educational qualifications bachelor’s and master’s degrees and for educational and scientific degrees doctoral, as well as programs for qualification and postgraduate specialization in the system of continuing education . The university actively participates in European educational and research programs.


    The population of Gabrovo district is served by 7 hospitals. There are 4 multidisciplinary hospitals for active treatment, of which 1 is private; 1 multidisciplinary hospital for aftercare, long-term treatment and rehabilitation; 2 specialized hospitals for treatment of lung diseases, 1 children’s and 1 psychiatric hospital. There are 2 diagnostic counseling centers, 11 medical centers and many medical practices in outpatient care.

    Industry & Jobs

    According to its main economic indicators, Gabrovo district ranks after the top ten districts in Bulgaria. The gross domestic product generated by the economy in 2009 ranks Gabrovo district sixth among all 28 administrative districts and represents over 8% of the country’s GDP.

    A significant share in the structure of the local economy has the sector “Manufacturing”, which provides more than half of the net sales revenue in the district. The main contributors to this are the enterprises operating in the municipality of Gabrovo and the municipality of Sevlievo, and the companies in the field of trade and services.

    The leading industries in the industry are traditional for the region:

    • mechanical engineering – production of tools, lifting machines, instrument making and instrument making;
    • sanitary fittings – the famous factory in Sevlievo;
    • textile, sewing and knitting industry.

    Large and medium enterprises provide about 70% of the gross output produced in Gabrovo district. The share of the private sector is predominant.
    Among those wanted on the job market are construction workers, people working online, warehouse workers.

    Geographical & Natural Characteristics

    The geographical and natural characteristics of the Gabrovo district determine the possibility for the development of agricultural activities related to the cultivation of local crops and animal breeds, ecological agriculture.


    Tourism is considered an important alternative sector for the socio-economic development of the municipalities in the district. The immediate proximity of the region to the Balkan Mountains, mountain air, natural and historical and ethnographic landmarks, architectural reserves and complexes, cultural monuments make the area an attractive place for domestic and international tourism.

    Gabrovo is proud of its Festival of Humor and Satire, as well as the first tennis court and ice rink – in 1922, the first soap factory – in 1936.

    In Gabrovo are the House of Humor and Satire, the interactive Museum of Industry, the Planetarium. Etara Architectural and Ethnographic Complex is a district of Gabrovo and the first open-air museum of its kind in Bulgaria. Unique in their beauty are the architectural reserve “Bozhentsiya”, the Sokol Monastery, the Dryanovo Monastery, Tryavna – the birthplace of the famous icon painting school.


    The prices for renting an apartment are between 300 and 500 BGN per month.

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