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    “Psychological assistance to Ukrainian refugees with oncological diseases” project launched

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on November 14, 2022

    The Bulgarian SONM (Joint Oncology National Network) launched the project “Psychological assistance to Ukrainian refugees with oncological diseases”. The project involves experts from the Bulgarian Psycho-Oncology Association (BAPO), the National Patient Organization (NPO), Junior Achievement Bulgaria and others. The main goal of the project is to create a National Mental Health Center for Ukrainian refugees with cancer, their family members and/or their caregivers. The center will plan and manage community action with their support for mental health problems through an expert resource of BAPO, as a member of SONM.

     The scope of the initiative was developed in cooperation with Bulgarian technological institutions for electronic health care. The main tasks of the project is to provide professional psychological support to Ukrainian refugees with malignant diseases and their families, aimed at improving the mental status, increasing the quality of life and favorably influencing the overall healing process, carried out by creating a hotline, online meetings and psychotherapeutic support from certified psycho-oncologists.

    PLATFORM for psychological support: https://mentalhealth.bjcn.bg/ TELEPHONE LINE: 0700 10 515

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