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    How and why to fill out the government questionnaire for your relocation?

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on May 24, 2022

    Anyone wishing to continue receiving shelter from the state must complete a government questionnaire by May 27 at the latest. The questionnaire will be used by the National Headquarters for the preparation of a detailed logistics plan and a preliminary schedule for the transportation of people under temporary protection. If someone who has so far benefited from the humanitarian program no longer wishes to use it and does not wish to be relocated, he or she has the right to choose where to shelter at his or her own expense. Quite a number of people have already chosen to stay with relatives and friends, or in accommodation. However, for anyone who wants to be sheltered by the state, filling out the questionnaire is mandatory! Only after completing the survey can you get your new address up to 48 hours before moving.

    The government headquarters is also asking those who have temporary protection, but do not need state accommodation, to submit their data, so that the headquarters knows which people need help and only to focus their resources and efforts on them.

    We receive reports of a number of fake forms posted on Google, Facebook and other social networks. The only platform that has the right to collect personal data and that will reach the government is this: https://survey.ukraine.gov.bg/

    Every person registered with temporary protection who is 14 years of age or older has a pre-created user account in the application. It is accessed with an automatically generated unique username and initial access password.

    1. Username

    The username is formed as an e-mail address and consists of the 10-digit LNC of the person on the registration card for temporary protection, to which the suffix @ukraine.gov.bg has been added.


    If your LNC is 7000123456, then your username is: 7000123456@ukraine.gov.bg

    Important !!!
    DO NOT use your personal login e-mail addresses – they are not applicable, as your accounts are created with automatically-generated usernames that follow the format described in item 1 above.

    Examples of incorrectly entered usernames:

    2. Initial password

    The initial password is made from the date of birth of the person who will fill in the survey and is filled in the format:
    (4 digits per year, dash, 2 digits per month, dash, 2 digits per day of the month)

    For example, if you were born on June 3, 1987, enter the following password: 1987-06-03.

    3. Mandatory change of the initial password

    For the security of your data, it is important to change the initial password after the first login to the application.
    When you enter your username and initial password, you will be taken to a screen where you must set a new password.
    Think of a password that is easy to remember, but that contains letters, numbers, and punctuation if possible so that it can’t be easily guessed.

    Persons aged 14 to 17 have to fill in the questionnaire on their own, as they have their own registration cards for temporary protection.
    People from 0 to 13 years old are automatically included in the profiles of the relatives who accompany them.
    Some children between the ages of 0 and 13 may not be included in the profiles of the relatives who accompany them, especially if their relatives are not their biological parents. In such cases, pay attention to:

    • Filling in correct contact details (e-mail addresses and telephone numbers)
    • Filling in the correct numbers for your extended family members by age group (Contacts screen, Step 3)
    • We will contact you to correct the data

    4. Instructions for filling
    Once you enter the platform there are 4 sections to fill in:

    1. Start screen
      In this window you can choose for whom you fill in the information. As the head of the family, if you are traveling with a child under 14, his information will come out here. If the child is aged 14-17 he has his own profile. If you travel alone, you will only see your profile here.
    2. Contacts
      In the contacts section you have to fill in important information about you.
      2.1 LNC and registration date are filled in automatically. The rest of the information (name, surname and surname) must be filled in yourself
      2.2 In this section you must fill in the correct email address and telephone number so that we can contact you and inform you about the steps after completing the full survey and most importantly – get information where and when you will be moved. This way we will be able to contact you to help you make corrections and be as helpful as possible.
      2.3 In this section you have to keep track of how many people your extended family is made up of if you are traveling with one. This information is important to us to make sure we plan to move to one address for your whole family. Here you can also provide information related to whether you are traveling with a pet and information about it.
    3. Accommodation
      In this section you should indicate whether you need long-term assistance or have provided it yourself. The following questions concern the information we need to assist you with your relocation.
    4. Work
      The first question that will be shown to you in this field is “Are you already working in Bulgaria?”. It is important that you provide us with as detailed and correct information as possible so that we can accommodate your relocation if you have already started work.
    5. Health
      In this section you have to answer the questions that are related to your health condition. The purpose of this information is to try to tailor your relocation to your health needs. This means that you can be relocated to a smaller or more remote city if there is a hospital there for specialized treatment of your problem.

    More information:
    The questionnaire contains mandatory fields and you cannot proceed if you forgot to fill in important information.

    If you have any questions or difficulties filling in, you can contact us at the national hotline +35929055555.

    You do not have the option to choose the city or hotel you want to move to. However, we will adjust your relocation to answer the above questions.

    Why do you need to fill out the survey?
    The purpose of the platform is to collect and structure real-time data so that transport and accommodation planning optimally meets current needs. In earlier periods, such planning was not feasible, as the course of the war was unpredictable, the situation was dynamic and the volume, desires and capabilities of people with temporary protection were changing.

    Once collected, all this data will be taken into account and prioritized. For example, pregnant women and people with chronic illnesses will be sought accommodation near hospital facilities. If a family member has started work, the headquarters will try to find accommodation in the area. The same applies if the child has started school.

    The Operational Coordination Group, which is responsible for the accommodation and provision of people with temporary protection in Bulgaria, is committed to taking all data into account, but also asks for patience and understanding. All logistics and relocation will be consistent with the available facilities and accommodation and the exact number of participants in the humanitarian program.

    The deadline for completing the questionnaire is May 27, but the data is processed immediately, so the sooner you fill out the form, the sooner work will begin on your relocation.

    Do not forget:
    Bulgaria is one of the few countries where people fleeing the war are not housed in vans and tents, and the headquarters has been working around the clock since its first day to do everything possible to prevent this from happening. That is why the state decided to provide state, municipal and departmental holiday resorts for temporary residence and to open the new program for all accommodation places registered in the National Tourist Register. More than 300 hotels have already stated that they will shelter refugees under the new program for BGN 15 per day.

    Important! In order for the institutions, the field volunteers and the team of the operational coordination group to do their job and the relocation to take place without hindrance, the assistance of Ukrainian citizens is also needed. Do not succumb to provocations, fake news and panic. Bulgaria ranks first in terms of issued registrations for temporary protection – now almost 100% of you have the status of protection in our country. You have every reason to trust us and rest assured that you are in safe hands.

    Stay tuned for up-to-date information here on the government portal and the national hotline 02/905-5555

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