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    Information about temporary protection

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on March 11, 2022

    By decision of the Bulgarian government, all fugitives from the hostilities in Ukraine, who entered the territory of Bulgaria on February 24, receive temporary protection, according to RMS №144 of 10.03.2022 for granting temporary protection to displaced persons from Ukraine and amending of the National Action Plan for Temporary Protection in the Republic of Bulgaria.
    The control for entering the Bulgarian territory at all border checkpoints has been eased, as additional capacity has been provided for meeting 24/7.

    All Ukrainians who left the country after 24.02.22 have the right to temporary protection, and the persons must register by 31.03.22 in order to be issued a registration document (laminated card) with a photo and QR code. The registration takes place at the border checkpoint.
    The necessary conditions are provided for information, meeting urgent needs, assistance for adults and children, security, mobile communication, safe transport area and referral to accommodation.

    Recipients of temporary protection are entitled to assistance for shelter and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in accommodation – a total of BGN 40 per day without VAT (the condition also applies to persons under 18 years), incl. tourist tax for a period of 3 months. The same assistance is received by persons who have expressed a desire to access the labor market in our country, but for a period of 1 month from the date of application.

    The amount will be provided to hoteliers providing accommodation and meals for displaced persons from the Republic of Ukraine in categorized or registered accommodation places entered in the National Tourist Register. The aid is also planned to be used at the sites of the National Social Security Institute, hospitals, medical centers and rest stations owned by the state and municipalities. If possible, student dormitories, personal development centers, sites of the Ministry of Education and higher education institutions will be used for shelter.

    All accommodation places, entered in the National Tourist Register, must enter the data in the accommodation registers according to art. 116, para. 1 and para. 5 of the Tourism Act in the Unified Tourist Information System (ESTI), given that when applying for funds will be checked through the system.

    The funds will be paid monthly from the budget of the Ministry of Tourism after approval by the Council of Ministers, at the proposal of the Minister of Tourism on the basis of actual costs incurred.

    The applications for disbursement of funds will be submitted electronically through the National Investment Management System (CISM), and the admission will start as follows:

    • For the reporting period from 24.02.2022 to 31.03.2022, it will start at 10:00 on 01.04.2022 until 16:30 on 05.04.2022.
    • For the reporting period from 01.04.2022 to 30.04.2022, it will start at 10:00 on 01.05.2022 until 16:30 on 05.05.2022.
    • For the reporting period from 01.05.2022 to 31.05.2022, it will start at 10:00 on 01.06.2022 until 16:30 on 05.06.2022.

    Decision of the Council of Minister №144

    Decision of the Council of Minister №145

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